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In December of 1990, Chetopa Manor was purchased by the Woodworth family to extend their outreach ability. Chetopa Manor is a smaller skilled nursing and rehabilitation home at a 38 bed facility. Chetopa Manor is located in Chetopa, Kansas nestled in the southeast corner of Kansas nearly two miles from the Oklahoma border. We offer long-term care, skilled care, short-term rehabilitation, and Respite care. Out-paitient rehabilitation is also available


Proactive Care

We feel that our facility is a special home because we deliver quality patient care as well as a home like atmosphere. Residents feel that we are family to them. This is because the staff cares deeply about the well being of our residents through all phases of their stay. The love of our residents is evident through the laughter you hear and the smiles you see on the faces of the residents and the staff. A hug or a kiss on the cheek or forehead allows the staff to show that they truly love their job and their residents. The staff is well known for the extra attention they give to residents. This care is all encompassing due to the close relationship between all departments. Nursing, dietary, and housekeeping are all trained to keep an eye out for any change that might occur in a resident’s condition. This is reported to the appropriate department within the facility. Proactive care is accomplished by these close relations between departments. At Chetopa Manor each resident really is incorporated into the family of the home with activities to bring them closer to the people they live with and the staff that helps them along their journey. 

Long term Employees

Our staff is comprised of personnel from the community that have been employed by Chetopa Manor as long as 25 years. We have little turnover in the staff. Many of our staff members have loved ones or friends in the facility as residents. Longevity in the workplace and staffing have produced an effective work team that knows each other as well as they know many of the residents.

Home with a Heart

Our home with a heart is evident the minute you walk into the facility. The appearance of the building gives you a home-like feeling and the building is clean and odor free. Resident’s rooms are well organized and they show the personality of the individual living in that room. Pictures of loved ones, colorful bedspreads and wraps are just a few of the things that residents bring with them for their stay. This allows them to feel more at home. We encourage families to bring in special items, furniture, a bed and even their own personal bedding.

Our aim is to rehabilitate residents so that they may return home, but if that is not possible, our goal is to make them comfortable in their stay by working on all aspects of their lives: physical, emotional, and spiritual. We want them to feel wanted and loved.

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