Second to None

At Woodworth Healthcare our rehabilitation is second to none! Our level of expertise ensures that you and or your loved one will receive the highest level of physical, occupational, and speech therapy in the area. Rehabilitation for the elderly is essential for their quality of life. When you keep your mobility you keep your independence and reduce or eliminate the need for 24 hour care. At Woodworth Health Careour primary goal i
s helping you stay independent. We have a great track record of helping residents get back to their home after a post-acute illness or set back. Skilled rehab care generally covers post-acute fractures or any type of therapy after a post acute illness as stated under skilled nursing care. This includes room and board, medications, labs, x-rays, physician's visits, and many miscellaneous items. Skilled rehab care can last up to 100 days with a physician's order. Medicare pays 100% up to the first 20 days and then 80% for the remainder 80 days. Most supplemental insurances will pay for the remainder 20% that Medicare does not cover. 

The purpose of skilled rehab care is to increase independence, and ultimately our residents' self image
through improved mobility and better physical functioning. The equipment we provide for rehabilitation in
our facility is the Nu-step or "Bull" as some residents call it. We also have arm pulleys, a restorator, ring toss, parallel bars, stairs, weights, and other equipment to help with hand-eye coordination. We recently added the Wii video game system to prompt range of motion with the arms, legs, neck, and hips. Some of the interactive games that the residents like are boxing, bowling, fishing, swimming, and tennis. Although the rehab equipment is a necessary part of physical strengthening, the therapists also work with each resident for individual needs such as dressing, grooming, bathing, eating, toileting, transferring, and mobility/ambulation. These are the target areas to help each individual promote wellness and prevent debilitation. Generally, your primary care physician or hospitalist will recommend skilled rehab care, but if you or your loved one are dismissed from the hospital and find that you are unable to care for yourself or your loved one, then skilled rehab care will still be available if the stay in the hospital was for more than 3 midnights and not more than 30 days after dismissal from the hospital. Skilled Care requires 24 hour licensed nursing 7 days of the week. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Therapy requires 5 days per week. Our therapists are certified and highly trained in each area of skilled rehab care. We evaluate each individual admitted and determine their deficits. This provides the ground work to setting up an individualized therapy program further assisting the resident to function as independently as possible and help them achieve their individualized goals. Whether it is to return home or stay at the facility requiring little or a minimum amount of staff assistance, we are passionate and dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life.