Skilled nursing care generally covers post-acute care after hospitalization of 3 midnights with the exceptionof therapy, which is skilled rehab care. This includes room and board, medications, labs, physician’s visits,x-rays, and many miscellaneous items. Skilled care can last up to 100 days with a physician’s order. Medicare pays 100% up to the first 20 days and then 80% for the remaining 80 days. Most supplemental insurances will pay the other 20% that Medicare does not cover. Some of the most common diagnoses of patients being admitted to the skilled nursing unit are wound care, factures, C.V.A., g-tubes, I.V. therapy, post surgery, diabetes (insulin control), G.I. bleed, Bronchopulmonary disease, and many other post-acute care diagnoses. Generally your primary care physician or hospitalist will recommend skilled nursing care, but if you are dismissed from the hospital and find that you are unable to care for yourself or your loved one, then skilled rehab care will still be available if the stay in the hospital was for more than 3 midnights and not more than 30 days after dismissal from the hospital. Skilled Care requires 24 hour licensed nursing 7 days of the week. Our nurses are highly trained in each area of skilled nursing care to provide the highest quality of care to you or your loved one.

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